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Occurs on Friday March 1 2024

Approximate running time: 2 hours


125 Front St
Nanaimo BC V9R 6Z4

Event Notes


As part of the Black History Month-long celebration in February 2024, internationally acclaimed artiste, Mamadou Diabate with Percussion Mania will once again, take us on the musical experience of a lifetime

Mamadou Diabate, a master of the Balafon, graces our stage, bringing the vibrant sun of West Africa with him. His music, as colorful as a bustling marketplace in West Africa, creates an atmosphere filled with friendship, respect, and appreciation, echoing the essence of his latest CD, "Kanuya."

Onstage, Mamadou Diabate, along with the talented musicians of Percussion Mania, weaves a tapestry of virtuosic balafon melodies supported by powerful African rhythms and enriched by soulful African chants.
The result is a complete sensory experience that compels the body to move, making it impossible to remain seated. The group's popularity is attributed to the captivating and virtuosic "balafon duel" between Mamadou and his brother, Yacouba. Together, these six musicians deliver a performance that transcends borders and cultures, inviting the audience into a world where music is a universal language.

Mamadou Diabate, now based in Vienna, is not only a masterful balafon player but also a composer, singer, and percussionist. His extensive concert tours have taken him to numerous countries and prestigious festivals, establishing him as an indispensable figure in the world music scene. With 12 CDs and countless concerts under his belt, Mamadou Diabate continues to radiate the warmth and energy of West Africa, infusing every stage he graces with the spirit of his homeland.

To experience Mamadou's music is to witness the sun of West Africa shining brightly on our concert stageā€”a testament to the emotional depth and infectious energy embedded in his artistry.

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