Occurs on Friday May 1 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


The Port Theatre
125 Front St
Nanaimo BC V9R 6Z4

Performance Notes

× Armed with musical instruments in hand, these seven actresses create a life-affirming performance about love, freedom, and beauty which – at the end of the day – will save the world. Immerse yourself in an experimentally-creative space where the walls of boring routine are broken, and the music and dramatic art genres collide; becoming a neutral ground for the Dakh Daughters to traverse.These absolutely unique, semi-fairytale beauties possess the capability to hyperbolize characters and involve the audience playing on our emotions, shaking us with a roar worthy of Laibach. With lyrics based on classical Ukrainian poetry Dakh Daughters develop the context needed for today’s world while creating an atmosphere of a French saloon where Mireille Mathieu befriends Marilyn Manson.

“Prepare to witness the sexiest accordion-fueled murder ballad ever performed,” – The Weirdest Band in the World blog

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